Download Adobe flash RTMP video streams using RTMPDump


I want to download a file but it uses RTMP protocol. Even though the file extension is .flv, but I cannot download them as I always do with HTTP or FTP.

RTMP is Real-Time Messaging Protocol which was designed for high-performance transmission of audio, video and data between Adobe Flash Platform technologies, such as Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Air.

To download these files you either can use Internet Download Manager, or geeker way using RTMPDump.

In this article, I’ll show you how to download a file from RTMP by using RTMPDump.

1. First, you need RTMPDump – download here.

2. Next, get the RTMP link that you want to download. For an example, I would like to download an FLV file from Rich Dad Coaching website.

The link is look like this:

rtmp:// (Learn It) Investing In BusinessesInvesting In Businesses.flv

3. Then, I run RTMPDump from Command Prompt like this:

rtmpdump.exe -r <rtmp link> -o <filename.ext>


rtmpdump.exe -r “rtmp:// (Learn It) Investing In BusinessesInvesting In Businesses.flv” -o “8-08 (Learn It) Investing In BusinessesInvesting In Businesses.flv”

Note: Because there are spaces in the URL so I put the RTMP link between the apostrophes.

4. Press Enter and see the magic begin…

That’s all on how to download Adobe flash RTMP video streams using RTMPDump. Easy isn’t it? 😉


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