All Folders Became Shortcut! How to Fix Them?


My USB thumb drive got infected by a trojan virus. All folders in the thumb drive had become shortcuts!

From the properties, the shortcut folder is pointing to 0x29ACAAD1.exe file. Kaspersky detects it as Trojan.Win32.VBKrypt.cvcu, and 35 out of 42 antivirus companies confirmed that it is a trojan virus – VirusTotal result.

Warning: Don’t double click the shortcut or you will execute the trojan virus.

Luckily, you don’t need a data recovery tool to fix this problem. The only thing that you need is just the command prompt.

Here I’ll show you how:

  1. Go to Start > Run.
  2. Type, “cmd” and click Ok.
  3. Now type this command, and press Enter:

    attrib -h -r -s /s /d f:\*.*

    Note: Replace f: with your USB drive letter.

  4. Done.

You will see two folders in the USB thumb drive. One is the shortcut, and the other one is the original folder as shown below.


Now copy the orginal folders to a safe place, and format your USB thumb drive. This to ensure that your thumb drive is completely free from the trojan virus, and don’t forget to scan your computer with antivirus too.

That’s all. Hope this help!

Btw, if your files and folders are suddenly missing/hidden in USB thumb drive, follow this trick to unhide them.

PS: If your PC still having problem, you can either scan your PC with antivirus or repair it to speed up by using Registry Easy.


  1. ponnarasan says:

    Access Denied – L:\391269e3bb64e6a775c1\x86
    pls help me

  2. prasanna says:

    thanx bro

  3. Sushant says:

    access denied even when i run as administrator… please help

  4. thank you so much it worked :) :)

  5. Thanks bro….

  6. Thank you very much! So hard to wait it works but at least it works…..

  7. Nothing happened still the same… does this work for win 7 and win 8?

  8. oh nvm.. it just needs some 2nd motion with the same command

    what I mean is that.. it needs to input the command twice

  9. this does work on my laptop, is it does not work on win 7 ?
    please help

  10. it works :) thanks alot guyz.

  11. Michael Odartey Jackson says:

    It worked perfectly. thank u so much.

  12. Thannnnnxxxxxxx alottt for d help …….i ws puzzled hw to do dis ….my drive cudnt xceute wat i wnted nor any pics ..or some songs …were …dere i mean it ws ol in shortcut ……m truly happy thnx alot :) :) :) !

  13. man i have a problem with short cuts too but it a hard drive problem it cornvers folder always in to short cuts how can i fix it

    • Suman Bashyal says:

      hey guys I m telling you to solve this pronlem
      for actual solution
      1 why his virus hasn’t gone even if you format or clean of your usb flash drive
      because of the nfs file is permanently in your machine. the file name is
      drdifnloyk.MOS-DW.vbe which can cause this problem
      2 solution for window 7
      1 first off all you need to window installation disc
      2 then you enter affected drive and click organize and click folder and search option and click view than mark the show file and folder and also unmark hide empty drive , hide extensons and hide protected operating
      than click ok now u will see all your file and folder
      copy your important file and folder
      3 now click my computer icon and click right mouse bottom and click manage and click storage and enter disk management now u can see nfs file system reserve u should delete this partition which can create by virus
      4 now u can format your flash drive
      so the problem has been permanently gone
      if you will get any problem with this instruction contact me with this mobile no +9779847162045
      and email address
      2 for window 8 same process

  14. Suman Bashyal says:

    even if above instruction cannot solve the problem clean your machine using window installation disc u should delete partition called nfs file system reserve

  15. Suman Bashyal says:

    nfs file system reserve partition size is 200 to 300 mb

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