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Download Adobe flash RTMP video streams using RTMPDump

I want to download a file but it uses RTMP protocol. Even though the file extension is .flv, but I cannot download them as I always do with HTTP or FTP. RTMP is Real-Time Messaging Protocol which was designed for high-performance transmission of audio, video and data between Adobe Flash Platform technologies, such as Adobe […]

How to Connect iPad to P1 Wimax Modem?

A reader asked me on my Facebook fanpage on how to connect iPad to P1 Wimax modem. Basically it is not that difficult to configure your iPad to connect to P1 Wimax modem. Here’s how… Referring to my article, How to secure your P1 Wimax WiFi Modem?, under “Change WiFi WEP key” section, take note […]

All Folders Became Shortcut! How to Fix Them?

My USB thumb drive got infected by a trojan virus. All folders in the thumb drive had become shortcuts! From the properties, the shortcut folder is pointing to 0x29ACAAD1.exe file. Kaspersky detects it as Trojan.Win32.VBKrypt.cvcu, and 35 out of 42 antivirus companies confirmed that it is a trojan virus – VirusTotal result. Warning: Don’t double […]

How to Reset P1 Wimax Modem Password?

Happy new year 2012 everyone! -CypherHackz. Many people asked me how to reset P1 Wimax modem password in my article on How to Secure P1 Wimax Modem? Well it is not that difficult to reset the password actually. Here I will show you the easiest way to reset the password just by using a paper […]