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The Google+ Song

Have you heard the Google+ Song video? At first, it is kinda boring but when the video shows what we can do with Google+, it is become more interesting and entertaining. Google+ is now open to the public and anyone who have Google account can create their Google+ account at Please read my article […]

Troj/PHPShll-B malware in WordPress wp-config.php file!

Suspicious codes found in WordPress wp-config.php file A Sophos Senior Threat Researcher, Paul O Baccas found a malware codename, Troj/PHPShll-B in a WordPress wp-config.php file that was installed in one of their IT department friend’s website. This malware was first detected by SophosLabs automated systems as Mal/Badsrc-C from the downloaded index.html file. Further analysis, Paul […]

How to secure your P1 Wimax WiFi Modem?

Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians… -CypherHackz- I have been using P1 Wimax since August 2009. Personally, it is the best Internet broadband that we have in Malaysia. For Home Plus package, the average connection speed is around 120kbps-170kbps. But there were a few times where the speed dropped to 20-50kbps, and even sometimes it […]