Get CSS3 code from CSS3 Generator

CSS3 Generator by Randy Jensen

CSS3 currently is the latest CSS version on the web and offers a huge variety of new ways to create an impact with your designs, with quite a few important changes. Most web developers have started using it in their web designs. However, not all web browsers support CSS level 3, like Internet Explorer 8. Even some of them interpret CSS3 code differently on each browser.

But if you are interested to do experiment and generate CSS3 codes for your blog, you can use CSS3 Generator by Randy Jensen. Just pick the style that you want and change the settings according to your own choice. It will show you the CSS3 code next to the Preview Area which you can copy and paste into your .css file.

CSS3 Generator by Eric Hoffman

I also found another CSS3 Generator made by Eric Hoffman. But the styles that you can choose are limited. Only 4 styles are available which is: border radius, shadow, background gradient and opacity. 🙂