Desktop Blogging Client by Google


Just wondering, will there be any desktop blogging client by Google?

Currently I am using BlogDesk as my desktop blogging client. All the article writing process, editing, are all done in BlogDesk. It is very light and can handles many domains and blog platforms.

Microsoft already have their desktop blogging client called, Windows Live Writer . I tried it once before but it is not very good like BlogDesk.

Google has released their own web browser (Google Chrome), photo viewer (Picasa), instant messaging (Gtalk), browser toolbar (Google Toolbar) and some other applications. But no desktop blogging client.

Maybe it is time for them to develop a new app for bloggers. I really hope that we can have a Google desktop blogging client in the near future.

What do you think?


  1. thought that they already launched the thing

  2. emm really from the google? because the copyright note is Copyright © 2011 Johannes Oppermann
    not Google. emm. can u clarified it?

    p.s its only for windows. damn~

  3. one good thing from Microsoft is Live window Writer. Even linux still do not have a good app to compete with WLW

  4. I use Live Writer for offline blogging. Never know about this before. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Google could develop a blogging app in conjecture with Google +. Integrating social media with blogging could make for great content sharing features, not to mention the company’s user data could tailor-fit the blogging experience.