How to Secure Your Wireless Broadband Internet?

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A wireless internet is one of the most advanced forms of internet technology in today’s world and we all know that with improved technology comes improved responsibility and increased need for security. There is no doubt a wireless internet is very powerful and reliable but you should also consider and fix the major security problems you might experience. This post will be giving you some tips to help you secure your wireless broadband internet.

Make Sure You Have an Up to Date Antivirus Installed

One of the major concerns of using a wireless internet is the possibility of your computer being infected by a virus; a wireless broadband internet is very fast and a lot of things can happen before you know it, you can mistakenly download a file before you even realize you’re downloading the wrong file and in most occasions the wrong thing will have been done before you ever think of correcting it. Situations like this can be very dangerous and difficult, and the best option is to make sure they never come.

The first step you should take before you ever start using any form of internet connection (wireless or not) is to make sure you have an updated antivirus installed; taking this step alone will help you overcome over 50% of the security problems you will encounter with your wireless internet connection.

Make Your Security Keys Difficult to Guess

Another highly important but overlooked step people are supposed to take to secure their wireless broadband internet is ensuring their encryption keys are secure and difficult to guess. Make sure you avoid using generic names or important things and occasions in your life as your encryption key (such as your name, the name of your wife, your birth date etc.), but, do your best to use solid alphanumeric characters. You should also make sure you’re using the latest encryption technology; for example, using the WPA2 encryption technology will be more effective than using the WEP technology.

Restrict or Disable SSID Broadcast

A major mistake most wireless internet users make is enabling SSID broadcast, some people even go to the extent of using wireless extenders to increase the reach of their wireless network without knowing that this can be a potential problem to their network; it is better to be safe than sorry.

Always make sure your wireless network signal broadcast is restricted to inside your home or office (or wherever you need it) alone and not more, or better, disabled. Doing this will make sure nobody is able to connect to your network let alone try to hack it.

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