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Update Your Software with Update Checker

I have many applications and software installed in my computer. But the problem is, I do not know when a new version of the software comes in and where can I get them. To check the software updates one by one, and go to their website would be very time consuming. Luckily I found a […]

How to print a list of directories and files in Windows?

Today I received a request from a customer asking me to provide him a list of directories and files from his Windows laptop. It is an easy task if there is only one folder and three files but unfortunately, there are hundreds of folders and thousands of files in a Windows operating system. Luckily, I […]

Facebook Will End on 15th March 2011

Mark Zuckerberg, credit jdlasica. Will you believe this? Facebook will be shut down on 15th March 2011? Mark Zuckerberg said that, Facebook has gotten out of control and become too stressful to manage. Because of that, he decided to close Facebook on 15th March 2011. “I personally don’t think it’s a big deal,” he said […]

CypherFS Network gets a facelift

I was so bored last weekend so I decided to redesign the template of my network site, CypherFS Network. Old – CypherFS Network New – CypherFS Network The design is valid XHTML and CSS. The best part that I like is the RSS script. It will pull latest RSS feed from my blogs and display […]

Automatic Update Copyright Year in WordPress Footer

It is new year guys. Have you update the copyright year in your WordPress footer? Make sure it is year 2011 and not 2010. 😛 Here is a tip that you can use to automatically update the copyright year. Open up your footer.php theme file, and add this line: <p>Copyright &copy; 2005 – <?php echo […]

W3 Total Cache – Best WordPress Cache Plugin

*** Happy New Year 2011 to all my readers… 😉 *** Previously, I was using WP Super Cache plugin to cache my blogs. Unfortunately, the plugin had made my blog vulnerable and a hacker was successfully infiltrated into my server through the cache folder created by the plugin. All my index files have been replaced […]