Looking for an Internship Company in Malaysia?


Dear students,

Go to Intern.My website if you are looking for an internship company. They have list of companies that provide a place for university students to do their internship program.

Employers who are looking for internship students can also post their job vacancies on the website. It is just RM100 (30USD) for each job submission which I guess not that bad because the job will be listed permanently on the website.

But anyway dude, where’s my coffee? (lol~ nice tagline eh?)


  1. Who create this website? This website really helpful. I believe one day this will be one of the most popular web among students. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. RIP intern.my says:


    maybe it a 2010 post, but i found it very interesting so i click the link and the sad story is intern.my is not there anymore.. update please…


  3. internsoon says:

    i did try to look at the website that u mention.. but it doesn’t exist anymore..

  4. im looking for internship for feb-jun 2013..
    can u help me.?