Echofon – Best Twitter add-on for Mozilla Firefox

Echofon (formerly known as Twitterfox) is a great Mozilla Firefox add-on that I think it is a must-have add-on for those who tweets a lot. Echofon can helps you to get your friends updates, post new tweets and get messages directly from your Mozilla Firefox browser.


The interface of the add-on is clean and it sits down at the Firefox status bar quietly when there is no incoming tweets received. However, when there is a new tweet arrived, Echofon will display a notification for 3 seconds (can be customized) at the lower right conner of Firefox and display the counter of unread tweets near the icon.

Here are the notable features found in Echofon:

  • Unread count in Firefox status bar
  • One-click access to Twitter popup window
  • Easily post links to current page in Firefox
  • Instant notification of new Tweets within Firefox
  • Support for multiple Twitter accounts
  • Handles all standard Twitter tasks such as direct messages and mentions
  • Syncs unread tweets with your iPhone when you use Echofon Pro for iPhone
  • Supports custom sound effects for notification
  • Multiple color themes available
  • Easily post links to the current page in Firefox

I have tweeted a lot recently and Echofon is really useful to me. With Echofon, I can easily get the tweets from my friends and post new tweets while I browsing the web.

Another great feature that I like the most is, it supports multiple Twitter accounts. This feature has saved me a lot of time to change between an account to another.