Down Or Is It Just Me? – Find Out Website Online Status

Yesterday, CypherHackz.Net and all websites under its same server were not accessible. At first, I thought it was only me having the connection problem but actually other people also having the same problem. It cause by a network interruption at Atlanta when one of the cores connecting the server farms was down.


Based from a link given by Sam (the owner of ServerFreak), I found a website that will check websites online status. The website will help you to find out whether only you are having the website down problem or other people also having the same website inaccessibility like you.

Down Or Is It Just Me? is a useful web service to find out website online status. It will check whether the website URL you entered is online or down.

Some people might think the server is currently down when they cannot access to the website and get “unable to connect” error message. But actually, only he or she having the connection problem whereas other people can access the website as usual.

So, if you think that your website is down, please make sure to check with Down Or Is It Just Me? first before you make the assumption. Probably your website is really down or only you having the connection problem.

But for my case, it is true that the server was not accessible because of the network connecting Malaysia (using P1 Wimax) route to Atlanta was down.


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  6. thats is good idea for check site state and can you tell me where can i find out site seo stats