Driver Robot – Automatically Updates Your Drivers


A hardware in your computer or laptop such as video graphic card needs a special computer program to make it intractable with higher-level computer programs like Adobe Photoshop, DoTA, etc. This special computer program we called as driver. An outdated driver will make the device not working properly and need to be updated. To update the driver, we choose Driver Robot.

Driver Robot is a Windows application that able to update your installed drivers automatically. It will first scan your system by looking to the driver files and comparing them with its database whether the drivers are up to date or not. If an out dated driver is found, it will show you the updated driver, download and install it into your system. A reboot is required after the driver installation is completed.

Driver Robot has the industry’s best hardware detection. It correctly identifies 100% of all consumer hardware devices to ensure you always get the right driver update. Its driver database contains over than 100,000 hardware devices including the latest drivers for all of them. With the massive of drivers volume, it is impossible for you to still having an out dated drivers in your system. Driver Robot can updates sound card, printer, video card, motherboard, webcam, wireless, bluetooth, firewire and many other devices driver. Just install it into your system, and run the Driver Scan button to check the drivers.

The interface of Driver Robot is tidy and neat. All the buttons are big enough for me to see clearly and also easily for me to know what will happen if I click those buttons. The functions of the buttons are well described on each of them. One thing that I don’t like Driver Robot is when I clicked on the Download button, a popup will appear asking me to register the software if I want to get full access to my drivers download. But I think, this popup will be gone if I spend $29.95USD for one single PC license.

In my conclusion, Driver Robot is very useful if you have many devices installed in your system and you want to keep your drivers always updated. But for me, I still can manage to update one by one of my drivers because I have not many installed devices. But for those who want to have good performance system, please make sure your drivers are always updated by using Driver Robot.


  1. This is not free software. You can’t update your drivers unless you register.

  2. Yes! It is not free.

  3. This software is cool. However, the only component that requires frequent driver update is the graphic engine. As the driver may significantly improve or worsen the graphic engine performance. Therefore, I doubt that driver robot is able to intelligently choose the correct driver for it. :p

    No offense, it’s a cool software but kinda redundant for me. 🙂

  4. hi is there any other software which would protect my drivers and update them if so please tell and also please let me know of a software which will repair system registry

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