Freaking Stylish USB Flash Drives from MIMOBOT

mimobot-01 Are you bored with the normal look of your 4GB USB flash drive? Why not replace it with a new freaking stylish USB flash drive from MIMOBOT?

MIMOBOT has plenty of USB flash drive designs. They have Halo characters, Star Wars characters, Domo characters, Happy Tree characters, Community Created characters, Artist Crossover characters, Licensed Crossover characters and originally created characters. All the USB flash drives are cute (2.5″ tall by 1″ wide) and lovely.


They come in four capacity sizes, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. The MIMOBOT USB flash drives also come with MIMOBOT mimoByte Sound Software which allows you to hear your MIMOBOT flash drive’s thoughts whenever you insert or remove it. Cool isn’t it?

via Stylized USB Flash Drives [Project Lurpin]


  1. So cool. Where to get one?

  2. Cool indeed. you wouldn’t notice that it’s a usb flash drive when the cap is on it. Same goes for the wooden memory stick that you have posted.

  3. Razali – Just visit their website bro. They have many characters. Just choose which one you like. – Yes, it is. But if I have one, I will display it on my table only and not using them.

  4. lol … guess we’re on the same boat then.. i’d rather have them displayed.

  5. Gile cool. And shiny too!

  6. Freaking nice man

  7. nice.
    i want to get one!
    Is there more styles?
    Where do you get one?