Files Hidden by Virus. How to Unhide Them?

The Problem

My girlfriend was panicked when she found out her Final Year Project files were missing from her thumb drive. She thought the files were already gone by a virus attack or were accidentally deleted by her friends.

After I did some analysis, I found out the files are still there but a virus had modified the file properties to ‘Hidden’ and hide all files in the thumb drive.

Although she tried to “Show Hidden Files” but the virus does not allow her to view them. Luckily, she has a very intelligent and clever boyfriend who guides her on how to overcome this problem.

The Solution

1. Insert the thumb drive to an empty USB slot. Take note the drive letter. For an example, F:.

2. Press Windows + R, and type “cmd“. Ok.

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3. Enter this command,

attrib -s -h -r f:/*.* /s /d

4. Press Enter and wait for the command to execute.

5. Open the thumb drive and you should see the files that were hidden by the virus.


Hopefully with this guide she can help her friends to solve the same problem. And yes, I also hope this guide will solve your files hidden by virus problem too. BTW believe me, university is the best place for virus to spread!

PS: All folders in your thumb drive become shorcut? I got the solution here… 🙂

PPS: If your PC still having problem, you can either scan your PC with antivirus or repair it to speed up by using Registry Easy.


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  13. I can’t get into attrib because it’s corrupt D:

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    • This hasn’t worked me,tho this is the closest thing by far that has came to fixing my issue,yet the folders are still hidden on my flash drive.I may not be able to seem any of them,but properties does in fact say that they ARE there.I’ve tried just about every “attrib -r -a -s -h” cmd possible.There’s bunches of diff ways of the same cmd,but int he end none of them are able to unhide my folders.I need extreme professional help with this one.If someone can fix this then you’re a super me if you can fix this issue for me kindly.ty

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  25. how do i undo this I used this on my windows drives and i see all of the folders and cant hide them again

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  34. My D: inside folders all the documents are hidden. When i try the above command it says access denied, i am running in administrator mode only, then also i am getting access denied kindly help me out.

    • Have you try unmount and remount the USB drive and enter the command?

    • No, i am not telling about my pen drive, but it is a physical drive on my comp as C: , the virus has specifically deleted pdf’s, pictures n all. What can be done ?

  35. I am having same problem here, most of my important files just disappeared, but when i checked the properties, the memory used still the same, so i figured the files were hidden and somehow i can’t view them.

    Already tried your method and tried it again after i plug and unplug my flash disk, but the directory replied with ” Unable to change attribute – L:\autorun.inf\con”

    Please help…

    • Even though you make your files visible, the virus is still on it. Make sure you scan the drive with your virus scanner (explictly have it scan that drive!). If it does not find anything, install “Microsoft Security Essentials’ and let it explicitly scan that drive, it most likely finds three wormbot virusses.
      In startup (left bottom of your task bar) type ‘command’, it will show a ‘command prompt’ option. Right click on it and do a ‘Run as Administrator’
      The at the command prompt type ‘X:’ where X is your drive letter, so if your drive is F, type ‘F:’ and press return.
      Then execute the following command
      attrib -s -h -r *.* /s /d

      Now in Windows Explorer you may see your files and directories again.
      Delete the following directories :
      and RECYCLER.BIN (if they are there).
      If there is a file or directory called ‘AUTORUN.INF’ delete it as well.
      If it tells you that you cannot delete it right click on it and make sure that it is not ‘Read Only’
      And then try again.
      Once you deleted it, create a new directory called ‘AUTORUN.INF’
      And make it Read Only by going to the properties again.
      Doing this will make it impossible for the virus (if it comes back), to create it’s own autorun.inf.
      It is this autorun.inf that causes the virus to run and to spread. So if you make your own directory with that name and make it read only, it can no longer do that.
      Also this virus spreads itself on every removable drive you have or use. For example if you have a card reader, and insert cards from your photo camera in it, and the virus is on your system. it will infect that card too. So you will have to scan every removable drive you have (use Microsoft Security Essentials).

    • try to run your the command prompt – Run as Administrator. then run the attrib -s -h -r e:/*.* /s /d where E is your flash drive.

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