My new hobby is Photography

I already said in my previous post that I just bought a Nikon D90 a few weeks back. When having a DSLR, I really like to go outside and shoot something to brush up my skills in photography.

But it does not mean that I will leave my blogging world. I will still blogging but not active and frequent like before. I will only blog if the issues or news are very interesting which caught my attention.

Last weekend, I went to Putrajaya together with my family. Actually I want to take the night sceenery of Putrajaya but because we arrived early, so here are the results.

Jambatan Wawasan, Putrajaya.

Jambatan Wawasan, Putrajaya.

Bangunan Pentadbiran, Putrajaya.

Masjid Putra, Putrajaya.

Jambatan Wawasan, Putrajaya.

Masjid Putra, Putrajaya.

Feel free to comment. More pictures can be found at my Putrajaya Flickr set. 🙂

ps: This weekend, I will go to Port Dickson. Want to take more pictures! 😀


  1. lawa…lawa bro. tak cuba buat HDR?

  2. Woot. I like the jambatan shot. Cool one!

  3. yg mlm tu tu ko free hand ke tripod?

    gile la sharp..


  4. Yay! Another photographer is born. Add me at flickr (id:syahidali)

  5. memang lawa…tp cemburu aku kerana aku masih belum memiliki kamera seperti itu 🙂

  6. Great new hobby. D90 is totally great machine. You’d probably love it more then you gf. 😛

  7. sayapmerah says:

    best tuhhh…