Barack Obama Worm Attacks

What will do if U.S. President Barack Obama’s face, pop up on your desktop every Monday morning? That is not a joke. It is the Obama worm.

The Obama worm was first spotted last Monday after it infected PCs at a preparatory school in Metairie, Luisiana and was first reported by Walling Data, a value-added reseller in Claremont, North Carolina. Because the damage is not big and only infected a few systems, the antivirus companies does not considered it as a serious threat.

It spreads via USB drive and install itself automatically when you insert the USB drive to the system. It is like the Brontok viruses where it using the Windows autorun feature to spread the attack. Luckily, Obama worm does not steal your credit card number or turn your PC into a remote-controlled zombie system. It is designed to float a small picture of Obama at the bottom right corner of your desktop all day every Monday.

But because it is so badly written, the Obama worm gradually renders any PC it is run on completely useless. It is also hard to know whether your PC have been infected or not because Obama worm is not detected by any antivirus programs. But, if you see Obama face on your desktop on Monday, that’s mean you already infected with the Obama worm.

Worm Floats Obama’s Head on Your Desktop [via PC World]