GOM Player – My Favourite Video Player

What media player that you use to play your favourite TV series or movies? I personally choose GOM Player .


Although previously I like using Media Player Classic (MPC), but MPC needs seperate codec before you can play certain video files. But not with GOM Player. GOM Player is already built in with its codec to play almost of the video files.

GOM Player is free, simple and light-weight media player. GOM Player is already included with XviD, DivX, FLV1, AC3, OGG, MP4, H263 and many other codec. So you don’t have to look other codec to play .rm, .mkv, .vob files. It saves you a lot of time of searching.

GOM Player supports SMI, SRT, RT, SUB(with IDX) files for subtitle. You can specify margin, location, size, resolution, font and others. You can also enable shadow, view ASF files with subtitle, karaoke subtitle mode. You can even synchronize subtitle and video if there’s any mismatch.

The second thing is, GOM Player supports subtitle. It supports SMI, SRT, RT, SUB (with IDX) subtitle and you can rearrange the position too. You also can change the font size or make the subtitle fast or slow according to the movie that you watch. Want to play karaoke media format? Not a problem for GOM Player.

If you watch TV series that have many episodes, GOM Player will automatically play the next episode when the current episode is finished. This is only eligible when all the episodes are in the same folder location and have the correct numbering system.

Have you try GOM Player? Try it now . It is free though.


  1. I am using K-Lite Codec Pack, comes bundled with MPC. And VLC Portable on the go.

    Covers whatever sick codec invented. 🙂

  2. cicom3nd3z says:

    I used GomPlayer and I was quite found of it. But I don’t like the fact that it -installs- its own codecs into the system. A portable version would be nice but I don’t think that’s possible atm.

  3. i use VLC. i really like the can-play-all feature. i guess gom and vlc are kind of the same…

  4. >i guess gom and vlc are kind of the same

    Except that VLC is open source under GPL and GOM is proprietary and is associated with GPL infringing (using open source code without adhering to license).

  5. I have tried many players and KMPlayer to be the best of them all.

  6. this is one of my favourite player.. but for other codec such as rmvb require u to have access to the internet for download the codec. it will find u the codec to play the file. fresh installation tips.., install klite codec pack full with default option. unchck the media player classic. after that then u install gomplayer.. didnt giv u anyproblem to play any file later.have been using this player for a year..

  7. i saw my cousin used this player on his desktop and its look attractive though. anyhow, i feel more convenient to use jetAudio as my primary media player right now.

  8. I use media player classic for most video but flv file i use adobe media player

  9. I also use GOM Player…nice V player,thanks for the additional info…

  10. Yeh, GOM is Awesome, i’ve been using it for about a year and a half, NEVER FAILED to play something.

  11. i love this player..
    but it will be better if it is available for linux..

  12. GOM is always fantastic. I love it especially if I’m watching Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese dramas…

    It’s really like an international media player of sorts—like what you said, plays all formats! What I love most about it though is that you can play the video even when you’re not yet done with the download! It’s really nifty!

  13. im using VLC before this. after i found out about GOM 2 around 2 years ago , GOM has been my only video player in this laptop im using. =)

  14. VLC is a good player. I would also recommend BSplayer. One of the feature that I like about it is its desktop mode which can be considered as an alternative for Windows Vista’s Dreamscene. Not sure if VLC has also. Does it?

  15. gom player ada masalah dalam bunyi.. dia akan melebihkan bunyi latar belakang dari suara. bila time effect tiba2 bunyi sangat kuat. bila time bercakap perlahan pulak.. kena kuatkan balik.. tapi gom player dapat run(buka) dengan cepat. berbanding Powerdvd, media player. winamp