Sticky Note Experiment

Usually we use sticky notes to write down important things or things that we will do later. But these two guys have made a very interesting experiment with the sticky notes. Total of 280951 sticky notes have been used for this experiment. So better you watch this video and see why they use so many sticky notes.


  1. Cool… the video is made by professional. Nice video. However, the purpose is pretty abstract.

  2. Looks like it was more to entertain people rather than really experimenting 😛


  3. wow!
    what a waste!
    but nice…

  4. Good night, bloggers =

  5. Where I may to find posts on this topic?

  6. It’s difficult to understand..

  7. So cool!

  8. hO, it’s true, I know!

  9. Super! I’ll o similar post in my blog

  10. waht a real story..