Weblogs Centre is Back!

At the early of my blogging journey, Weblogs Center (the domain has expired) is the one of the Malaysia bloggers forum that I always active. That forum has helped me a lot to learn about blogging and I can meet the other bloggers from Malaysia too.

But after the domain has expired and the owner leaves to Indonesia, Weblogs Center has been abandoned. It has been forgotten and new bloggers never know that Weblogs Center was once existed.

Because we (the former forum members) think that we still need Weblogs Center, we has discussed together and developed our new Malaysia bloggers forum.

Weblogs Centre (WBC) is our new weblog resources community in Malaysia. This forum is proudly sponsored by ServerFreak and the domain is sponsored by Amanz , one of the Malaysia popular technology blogger who is also the administrator of the forum.

Because of the forum is still new, so we need to promote and do marketing to attract more bloggers to come and participate in the discussions. We also encourage former forum members to come and register with us to share their knowledge about blogging together.

If you are a Malaysian blogger and would like to join another Malaysia bloggers forum, WBC is the place that you want to go. Register yourself and promote WBC in your blog. We hope that one day, WBC will be one of the Malaysia bloggers reference forum and community.


  1. Weblogs Center? never heard before maybe i new at that time, and is that Weblogs Centre main language is malay? because 3 member include you use malay to introduce self?

  2. yup, the main language is Malay, but you still can use english. no problem.