How to rename folders or tags in Google Reader?

Google Reader is my main RSS feed reader. It is online 24/7 and catches all my subscribed feeds everyday. Google Reader does not installed on my computer and so I don’t lose any hard disk space because all the feeds are stored in Google server. Google Reader is fast and convenient, but it lacks one feature that I think it is very useful, folders or tags renaming function.

Although Google Reader does not support that feature, but there is a way to rename or move your RSS feeds to another folder. Let say we want to rename Folder A to Folder B. Here is how to do it.

  1. Go to Settings and click on the Subscriptions tab.
  2. In “Filter by name, tag, or URL” field, enter the current folder name that you want to rename to filter out that folder. Eg: Folder A.
  3. In “Change folder…” dropdown list, choose New Folder… and enter the new folder name. Eg: Folder B.
  4. Now, click “All # subscriptions” to select all feeds under Folder A and choose Folder B in More actions… dropdown list to add that feeds into Folder B.
  5. Without deselect the selected feeds, choose Folder A from Remove tag under More actions… dropdown list.

Now, your feeds are moved or renamed to Folder B. So far, I only know this way to rename folders or tags in Google Reader. If you found any other easier method, please share it with us.


  1. Everyone share your Google Reader Feed.
    Here is my Feed:

    Note: In G Reader to share the feed go to the “Your Stuff” tab and click on “Shared Items”. Then you will see: Your shared items are available publicly at this web page.

  2. interesting comment teben
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