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Charlie Bit Me

Not sure whether you guys have watched this video or not. But it is very funny and cute when see these two little boys together in front of the camera.

What is Solid State Disk (SSD)?

Do you know about Solid State Disk (SSD)? SSD is a technology that currently being used in data storage devices especially for server applications and system. This technology uses solid-state memory to store data and commonly composed of either DRAM volatile memory or NAND flash non-volatile memory. In SSD technology, no parts are moving like […]

Sticky Note Experiment

Usually we use sticky notes to write down important things or things that we will do later. But these two guys have made a very interesting experiment with the sticky notes. Total of 280951 sticky notes have been used for this experiment. So better you watch this video and see why they use so many […]

Weblogs Centre is Back!

At the early of my blogging journey, Weblogs Center (the domain has expired) is the one of the Malaysia bloggers forum that I always active. That forum has helped me a lot to learn about blogging and I can meet the other bloggers from Malaysia too. But after the domain has expired and the owner […]

How to rename folders or tags in Google Reader?

Google Reader is my main RSS feed reader. It is online 24/7 and catches all my subscribed feeds everyday. Google Reader does not installed on my computer and so I don’t lose any hard disk space because all the feeds are stored in Google server. Google Reader is fast and convenient, but it lacks one […]

Twitter – What do you Tweet about?

I have a Twitter account but I really seldom to update my Twitter page. Everyday, I see many of the persons that I following their Twitter updates always have new messages on their page. They always have something in their mind and tweet about it. I do not know what should I do with my […]

Picasa – Digital Photo Organizer from Google

Many of you may already heard about Picasa, one of the Google product which is used to organize photos more easily. I just bought a digital camera, Sony DSC-H50, a few weeks ago and already took about 200 photos by using that camera. All the photos are stored in my external hard drive sorted by […]

EarthView – Have the Earth on your desktop

Our Earth is really amazing and beautiful. I really wanted to see the Earth from the above space with my naked eyes but there will have no chance that I can travel to the outer space to do that. Although I cannot see the Earth from the above side but there is a software that […]