Google Chrome logo is made from…

Every logo should be unique. But sometimes, we need to combine many ideas to come out with a new brilliant and impressive idea. So, would you like to know how Google Chrome got its logo?

Maybe the picture shown below is the answer.


What do you think?

Google Chrome Tips and Pointers [via Blogoscoped]


  1. brilliant!

  2. Cool! Looks like a reasonable conclusion to me 🙂

  3. Sungguh pemikiran yang pintar, bisa menggabungkan semua logo. Thanks for info bro 🙂

  4. ye kan…haha…bravo!!..

  5. this is very much interesting !

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  6. pokeball tak tahan… hahaha…

  7. arh haha

  8. If you see thoroughly, you will see it’s made from windows logo..

  9. Looks like a crap conclusion! How the hell did firefox or simon end up there? i can see no corrolation to those 2.