CWCheat – Cheats for PSP games


8 years ago, I love to play my PS-X games with GameShark. With GameShark, I can run cheats to pass any levels easily without have to struggle hard. I also can equip myself with unlimited of money, maximum armor, powerful weapons and have infinite health. But how about PSP? Does it have any cheat devices or code breakers that we can use?

CWCheat is the first cheat device that available for PSP. With CWCheat you can choose which cheats that you want to use and beat the game easily. You also can insert new cheat codes or just download the cheat database from the developer website which currently has more than 7500 cheats. The installation is not really difficult. Copy and paste CWCheat, enable it in Recovery mode and start playing games with cheats.


CWCheat is not physically device like GameShark. It is a software where you can copy and paste the files into the PSP memory card. CWCheat is also easy to use because just holding the Select button for 3 seconds, CWCheat menu will be displayed on the screen and you can choose which cheats that you want to enable while your are in the game. In the database, you have more than 7500 cheats that you can choose from. Although the database contains more than 7500 cheats but the file size is less than 1MB.

One of the problem that keep occurring when using CWCheat is, some of the cheats will make your PSP hangs and the PSP will shut down automatically. This happened because some of the cheats are not compatible with the game and will make the PSP to stop working. CWCheat is only can be run on a customized firmware. So, if you are using an original firmware, you have to convert it to customized firmware first before you can start using it.

As for the conclusion, CWCheat is a must for all PSP users. Although you love to challenge yourself but sometimes you might have to play the game with cheats.


  1. My son wants to download the CWCHEAT for his PSP and I’m not sure what we need to have in order to do this. Obviously the usb cable, but it keeps talking about the MSROOT and CW folder and evidently we are not downloading the correct thing because I have not been able to find the CW Folder on my computer. If someone will please assist me in this I will greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you

  2. what firmware is his psp?
    msroot is the root directory where the PSP folder and MPROOT folder is.

    check firmware go to settings column – system settings – system information

  3. why cwcheat not working on nfs underground rival n most wanted? tried many times push on the select button but cwcheat menu not appear. how to fix this? for the other games it works!! thank you for making this plugin. my firmware is 3.90 m333 bty

  4. Great blog found this via twitter im just adding to my blog now.

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  6. can i use cwcheats?
    my software is
    6.35 PRO-B