Google Chrome – A web browser from Google

Google Chrome (not sure why the webpage still not showing up) is a web browser that will be released publicly to more than 100 countries by tomorrow. Google claims that their new browser can add values to the internet users and also help to drive innovation on the web.


In my opinion, Google Chrome will be the best web browser and can beat Firefox very easily. This is because Google have studied everything from the data that they have collected from us before. Especially for those who are using Google Toolbar and Google Desktop. From the information they have gathered, Google can learn how the users think and how to make a powerful web browser that can give what the users want. After few years of research, here it comes, Google Chrome.

And also, if you use Google Chrome, Google will get more information and data about you. From the web history, emails, websites and everything that you do using Google Chrome, they will know. I am not sure whether this is true or not because I don’t have any facts to prove it. But still, if you think carefully, you will see how Google is trying to be evil. They try to make all people using their products such as Google Analytics, Google Earth, Google Toolbar, Google Desktop, Google Mail, etc. and at the same time give them more information for their next product.

Anyway, everything that I said here is just my opinion. I have no intention to blame Google products or what so ever. And if you would like to know more about Google Chrome, what it capable of and what Google engineers has make Google Chrome so powerful, you can read their comic here. For me, this comic is very interesting. Really.

A fresh take on the browser [via Official Google Blog]


  1. Check out our Chrome Browser review in a few days time at We’d appreciate any comments and feedback!

  2. I never really expected Google to join the browser war.

  3. every year google pay mozilla million of dollar just from the search column. now google release their own browser and i believe this will save their budget.

  4. If it’s supposed to beat FF3, then it’s pretty damn far away.
    Just tested it.
    Impressive Looks I give it. Relatively lightweight (well I tested with only 3 tabs before getting fed up). It doesn’t display quite a few pages correctly and it has quite limited settings to tweak around with. But I do give credits for it’s Incognito feature where u can surf without any traces left behind (or so they say).
    Give it some time I guess….but till then FF3 still rawks!

  5. should be interesting to see if Chrome works more efficiently than FireFox and IE… if it’s faster than Firefox, since isn’t IE, then i’ll use it

  6. I have tested Google Chrome. Hopefully on this weekend I can publish the article.

  7. Love the way it handles memory so well.

  8. but this browser still has a bug.
    i recommend people not to do any online banking with it.

    GC also cannot upload file. T_T

  9. Tried out the browser – done a small review on my site. I found it to be too basic at present and bit buggy. Its got a long way to go until it gets anywhere near to Firefox!

  10. Someone found a bug in GC. Try typing :% in the address bar and see what will happen. :p

  11. Chrome is the new world 🙂

  12. Check out SRWare iron.its chrome without all the tracking utilitys.