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Synchronize your files with GoodSync

GoodSync is a synchronization software which enables you to synchronize your files and automatically backup files between desktops, laptops and external drives. It also can be used to synchronize your files to and from FTP, WebDAB and Windows Mobile phones and PDAs. I started using GoodSync after I using RoboForm, a password generator and manager […]

Advertlets Still Hasn’t Paid Me Yet

On 8th January 2008, I requested to cashout my earnings from Advertlets. The amount that I want to cashout is RM160. Although it is not much but at that time I was a student. With RM160, I can buy lots of things and I can eat at McDonalds. Well…you know, students. Like to eat fastfood […]

How to change Yahoo! Messenger Title Bar?

Do you want to change Yahoo! Messenger title bar to be like this? If the answer is YES, please continue reading…

Google Chrome logo is made from…

Every logo should be unique. But sometimes, we need to combine many ideas to come out with a new brilliant and impressive idea. So, would you like to know how Google Chrome got its logo? Maybe the picture shown below is the answer. What do you think? Google Chrome Tips and Pointers [via Blogoscoped]

Sign in to Gmail via Secure Internet Connection

It is recommend for you to have a secure connection network between your PC and the Gmail server. Let say if you login to Gmail using a public network like wireless or hotspot in Starbucks, someone can tamper or see the sensitive information transferred from your PC to the Gmail server. This is because the […]

Windows Vista Sucks!

But I have a question to ask. Between Windows Vista, Mac OSX and Ubuntu, which one is more secure? Window’s Vista Sucks [via Flickr]

CWCheat – Cheats for PSP games

8 years ago, I love to play my PS-X games with GameShark. With GameShark, I can run cheats to pass any levels easily without have to struggle hard. I also can equip myself with unlimited of money, maximum armor, powerful weapons and have infinite health. But how about PSP? Does it have any cheat devices […]

Google Chrome – A web browser from Google

Google Chrome (not sure why the webpage still not showing up) is a web browser that will be released publicly to more than 100 countries by tomorrow. Google claims that their new browser can add values to the internet users and also help to drive innovation on the web. In my opinion, Google Chrome will […]

Monthly Highlights – August 2008

August 2008 Monthly Highlights: Automatically Empty Recycle Bin Learn how to by pass the Recycle Bin when you delete files. Submit suspicious file to VirusTotal Found a suspicious file? Why not check it using VirusTotal? Solve any Rubik’s Cube combinations using Rubik’s Cube Solver Use the solver if you can’t solve Rubik’s cube. Printscreen Website […]