How to type faster?


Type a lot! Yup, there is no way you can type faster if you not punching the keyboard everyday.

When I was young, I want to type faster like the person in a movie that I watched. It would be very cool when you can type faster and don’t have to see the keyboard while you typing. Then, I thought I need a typing software to practice but that software does not really help me. I make a lot of errors if I use the typing technique. But in case you want to try the software, here is the link.

Then, after few years, I start blogging. From there, I type a lot because everyday I have new ideas for my blog. I did some researches and type what I have found. Day after day, my typing skill has improved. I can type without have to see the keyboard and also can type more faster than before.

When my friends asked me how I can type faster, I told them to type a lot. From there, you will able to type faster without have to learn the technique at all. If you have no blogs, use the instant messaging or forums as a practice. Good luck!


  1. yeah, true.

    we have to do a lot of typing to make almost perfect. he3. 😉

  2. my typing skill almost perfect… i can type without to see the keyboard but my typing speed… average

  3. A blogger can type faster if s/he update their blog everyday.

  4. Thanks for the link mate. Really enjoy the game.

  5. too interesting

  6. real interesting