Automatically Empty Recycle Bin

When we delete a file, that file will move into Recycle Bin. There, we have options whether to restore it or just empty the Recycle Bin.


I usually empty my Recycle Bin before I shut down my computer. But, it would be more better if evertime when I delete a file, it will completely remove the file from the system and not send into the Recycle Bin. I can choose to use Shift+Delete but there is another better way to do so.

Right click on your Recycle Bin icon and choose Properties. Under the Global tab, tick “Do not move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted“. Then, click Ok.


Now, try delete a file that you don’t want anymore. A dialog box will appear asking you for a confirmation to delete the file permenantly. When you hit Yes button, that file will be deleted and will not move into Recycle Bin. So I don’t have to empty my Recycle Bin after delete that file.

But take note, if you accidentally deleted an important file, you will not able to restore it back from the Recycle Bin. You will need to use a special software like Recuva to recover the deleted file.


  1. It isn’t automatically emptying the Recycle Bin. It is infact bypassing it.

    Also, extremely risky as you can never restore the file, as you pointed it. I prefer just rightclicking and saying Empty at regular intervals.

  2. blackgemini23 says:

    You can also delete your files you want and did not directly move to recycle bin by pressing shift + del. After you press it, Press enter and then your files will not be shown to the recycle bin.

  3. interesting

  4. I am using Windows Vista home edition, My recycle bin gets automatically empty on restart of system, pls help how do I avoid it.

    – Aravind