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ServerFreak Malaysia Web Hosting Merdeka Promotion

Malaysia will celebrate its 51st Merdeka Celebration on this 31st August 2008. In conjunction with it, ServerFreak the Malaysia Web Hosting provider is having a promotion to all new registrations with 15% off for all shared hosting packages. The promotion is valid on a limited period of time only from 25th August 2008 to 15th […]

Print Screen Website with WebShot

WebShot is a software that allows you to print screen your website from top to the bottom. The function that it gives is same like you press the print screen key on the keyboard. But if using normal print screen, it will only capture half of your website. With WebShot you capture the whole page! […]

How to type faster?

Type a lot! Yup, there is no way you can type faster if you not punching the keyboard everyday. When I was young, I want to type faster like the person in a movie that I watched. It would be very cool when you can type faster and don’t have to see the keyboard while […]

Solve any Rubik’s Cube combinations using Rubik’s Cube Solver

Have you ever played Rubik’s Cube? A cube which have 9 tiles on each surface with different colours and you have to solve it by making all surfaces have same colour? I only managed to solve the first layer only. When it comes to the second layer, I can’t get it solve because I always […]

Submit suspicious file to VirusTotal

When you found a suspicious file, you might want to scan it using your favourite antivirus scanner. But do you think that your antivirus gives 100% accurate result? Or, would you like to scan the suspicious file using more than 30 antivirus scanners which of course will produce a better output? VirusTotal is a website […]

Lock your USB Drive using Combination Lock

The idea is simple. Just put the combination lock to the USB connector and the data inside the USB have been protected physically. But in my opinion, it is not as secure as you might think because I was successfully cracked a combination lock by bruteforcing it. It just took about 20 minutes to turn […]

Automatically Empty Recycle Bin

When we delete a file, that file will move into Recycle Bin. There, we have options whether to restore it or just empty the Recycle Bin. I usually empty my Recycle Bin before I shut down my computer. But, it would be more better if evertime when I delete a file, it will completely remove […]

Monthly Highlights – July 2008

July 2008 Monthly Highlights: Encrypt your confidential file using TrueCrypt If you have a confidential file, encrypt it using TrueCrypt. Taskbar Shuffle – Reorganize your Taskbar Buttons Reshuffle your Taskbar Buttons using Taskbar Shuffle. A freeware application just for you. MozBackup – Backup Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox profiles Need to backup your Thunderbird and […]