Archives for July 2008

MozBackup – Backup Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox profiles

A friend asked me how to backup her emails in Mozilla Thunderbird. Well, the question is simple and she can find the solution from Google but because she is too lazy and has not much knowledge about Thunderbird, so I helped her by installing MozBackup, a backup tool for Firefox and Thunderbird. MozBackup is a […]

Taskbar Shuffle – Reorganize your Taskbar Buttons

Sometimes when you open too many applications and folders, your taskbar will be flooded with so many taskbar buttons. And if you are a neat person and love everything in order, you might want to organize the buttons properly so you can do your job more efficiently. To do that, I suggest you to get […]

Encrypt your confidential file using TrueCrypt

If you have a top secret and confidential data, where you will save it? Will you put it on your Windows desktop? Or put it in your My Documents? Of course you will answer NO to these two questions, right? If we do not secure our confidential data or file, there is no point we […]

Monthly Highlights – June 2008

June 2008 Monthly Highlights: Bored? Let’s play The Putty Puzzle game! Play online puzzle game. Very interesting… Delete or Erase files with Eraser Use Eraser if you want to wipe out your confidental data completely. StaffCop – Network, Computer and Employee Monitoring Software A very dangerous monitoring software to employees. More interesting post in my […]