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60GB Bandwidth Also Not Enough?

Last month, it was the first time my website reached to its bandwidth limit. Then, I quickly asked Sam from ServerFreak Hosting for help. Only he can help me because my hosting is sponsored by ServerFreak so only he can increase my bandwidth quota. Thanks to him, he had increased my hosting bandwidth to 60GB. […]

StaffCop – Network, Computer and Employee Monitoring Software

The software that I will review here is a monitoring software. I tested it on my PC which is a standalone PC and has Internet connection. I leave it runs in one day and records any activities performed on the PC. And here is the review. Introduction StaffCop is a network, computer and employee monitoring […]

Will Firefox 3 in Guinness World Record?

Today is the day that you have been waiting for. The long waited Firefox 3 is now released publicly today. You can download the new version of Firefox at Firefox team is trying to make a history and create a new Guinness World Record by making Firefox 3 as the most downloaded software in […]

Delete or Erase files with Eraser

I use my PC mostly for blogging, internet surfing and sometimes pay bills online. I also store sensitive information such as my education grades (this can be sensitive information too :p ) in my PC. Everything that I do and files that I saved are recorded and stored into the hard disk. Even though I […]

Kaspersky 2009 is available now!

Note: This article contains valid activation key for 6 months period Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 product. I am a legal Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) user and have waiting this new version to come out for long time. I really wanted to see its new interface and the new features in this new version. Although I […]

Bored? Let’s play The Putty Puzzle game!

There will be a time when we feel very bored when doing the same thing everyday. Sometimes we need something new or maybe some games that we can play to overcome the boring routine works. While I was reading feeds in my Google Reader, a post written by Syahid from has caught my attention. […]

Monthly Highlights – May 2008

New day, new month, new mission. Previous month was my busiest month. Lack of posts, lack of replying comments, lack of visiting members’ blog. It was so terrible. Anyway, here is the highlights for articles in May 2008. RoboForm – Remembers Passwords So You Don’t Have To A simple and portable software that you can […]