Email from AdSense Team to accept Terms and Conditions

cypher-headacheThis morning I got an email from Google AdSense asking me to accept the latest changes in their Terms and Conditions. In the email, it stated that I haven’t accepted the changes and asked me to login into my account and follow the instructions to accept the changes.

I did login into my account but there is no instruction or popup or link asking me to accept their latest Terms and Conditions. I saw Terms and Conditions link at the end of the page and I clicked it. But then, it only displays the Terms and Conditions that last updated was 25th February 2008.

I was crazy for about five minutes searching for the accept button or link in my AdSense account. No one wants their AdSense account to get disabled. Fortunately, after struggled so hard, I found a thread in Google AdSense support forum. I thought it was only me who had the problem but actually there are other people who got the same problem like me. I also found the answer why we got the email but there is no instruction to accept the changes.

Hi again,

The latest update: We’ve found that a number of emails were sent
incorrectly to publishers who had already accepted the updated Terms and Conditions in the past. (onlineebook, this sounds like your situation.) To clarify, the most recent update to the Terms and Conditions occurred at the end of February, and there haven’t been any changes since. If you already accepted the Terms and Conditions after they were updated in February, you won’t need to re-accept them, and you won’t be prompted to do so when you log in.

Our team will be following up in the next few days via email with
those publishers who received a reminder in error. I apologize for the scare today — thanks for letting our team know about this issue.


So guys, if you got the email from AdSense team asking you to accept the changes in their Terms and Conditions and found no instruction when you log into your AdSense account, then you are one from those who have good luck. :p Actually there was an error in sending the email from AdSense Team.

If you already accepted the Terms and Conditions before, there will be no instruction in your Google AdSense account. So, just keep ‘adsense-ing’ and hope you will get more earnings this month. 🙂

Edit: 14th May 2008 – I got another email from AdSense Team. They apologized for their previous email. 😀


  1. Yeah…and I was wondering if someone actually logged into my account and “accepted” it for me…

    Message intended for the wrong audience can indeed create quite a havoc…

    They should be more careful with it, and of course, they could have easily send an email to the people who’d wrongly received the message to ignore the first email…

    I’d expected Google to be more responsible by taking active steps to solve a problem they’ve created.

  2. mm already accepted the TOC last year..

    I wonder when will Google send money incorrectly to us hehe

  3. I have signed up with Adsense but they banned me from Adsense because my website was considered as Unsafe for their advertisers…

    So , If I wish to accept any changes , I can not but i do have other options open like Adbrite and Chitika and of course the paid posts as well.

    And Regarding Online Backup.. It is considered to be safe because they have multiple servers to store and give you data back . Here in India the upload speed is not good I will say but decent enough to upload data and be safe with our data which we want to be safe.

  4. I got the second email from Adsense saying that they are sorry for the previous email they sent.

  5. Even i received the email and got baffled. I received an email from adsense next day saying they were sorry for this.

  6. Yup, I got the second email that finally cleared up the confusion.

  7. why my blogger not accepted in google adsense?