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50Gb of Bandwidth is Not Enough

I thought 50Gb size of bandwidth is enough to support all my websites but I was totally wrong. Today is a history for me. This is the first time I exceeded the bandwidth limit. ServerFreak provides me 50Gb of bandwidth every month but that huge amount of bandwidth is not enough. I noticed about it […]

9rules! Congrats CypherHackz.Net!

I was in the office this evening and suddenly I got an email from LiewCF, one of the most popular technology bloggers in Malaysia. In the email, he told me that CypherHackz.Net got listed in 9rules. Wow! If he didn’t email me of course I will not know the result. I am busy lately because […]

Rouder or Router?

While looking for some information about Streamyx package, I found something that is so weird. Streamyx ADSL Streamyx wireless I think it should be Router and not Rouder. I learned router configuration in my CCNA class. Duh…

Email from AdSense Team to accept Terms and Conditions

This morning I got an email from Google AdSense asking me to accept the latest changes in their Terms and Conditions. In the email, it stated that I haven’t accepted the changes and asked me to login into my account and follow the instructions to accept the changes. I did login into my account but […]

RoboForm – Remembers Passwords So You Don’t Have To

In our daily life, Internet is so important. We use the internet to check our emails, login into our online bank account, login to Paypal, check your feed news, and many more. Each of the website requires you to enter your username and password before you can use the services provided. One of the good […]

Monthly Highlights – April 2008

Today is 1st May 2008. It is Labour Day in Malaysia and so here is the highlights for articles in April 2008. How to convert images into ASCII? Those who are geeks might want to try this. They love ASCIIs. Ubuntu Theme for Windows XP Here is how to use Ubuntu Human theme in Windows […]