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CheckIt Registry Cleaner – Fix registry errors

Hi guys, I got a useful software from Smith Micro Software and would like to write a review about it. It is about optimizing your computer registry by fixing the errors. Usually, when you uninstall a software, there are still some files and registry values left behind. This problem will reduce your PC performance. Even […]

Welcome Ubuntu Hardy Heron!

Know what? Right now I am in Ubuntu 8.04. Huray! ;)) The upgrade was pretty smooth without any problems except Compiz. But the issue had been settled. The problem was occurred because, It seems AMD’s scripts to build an Ubuntu package for 7.10 include a diversion for /etc/xdg/compiz/compiz-manager so they can add fglrx to the […]

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron is out!

Hahaha. I am so excited because right now I am upgrading my Ubuntu to the latest Ubuntu version 8.04 codename Hardy Heron. If you want to upgrade your Ubuntu from 7.10 or from other earlier version to 8.04, just follow the instructions here. So far, the download process is running smooth and fast. This is […]

Are you ready for Ubuntu 8.04?

Supposedly I should write about this in my Ubuntu Newbie Malaysia blog but I think it is better to mention it here. So, did you know that new Ubuntu, version 8.04 codename Hardy Heron, will be out in less than two days from now? They said that there are many new features and softwares in […]

Shutdown Day 2008

If you are still remember, I have wrote an article about Shutdown Day last year. For those who missed the day, here is your chance. The Shutdown Day is back! This 3rd May 2008, come and join us. Shut down your PC and don’t ever think to boot it or use it. Your PC want […]

ServerFreak’s new package – Virtual Private Servers Hosting

ServerFreak just launched their new hosting package, Virtual Private Server . It is a great chance for those who are looking to buy a VPS hosting. Here are the reasons why you should choose ServerFreak Malaysia VPS package. Empowered Hosting Host on a dedicated IP, not a shared one. Run your own web, mail, and […]

SUPERAntiSpyware – The best and free anti-spyware

Do you know what is anti-spyware? It is a software that can removes spywares from your PC. In simple word, it is like the anti-virus but their job is to clean your PC from unwanted applications that was installed in your PC which monitors the users’ behaviour, collect personal informations like internet browsing, etc. There […]

Ubuntu Theme for Windows XP

Ubuntu is a well known Linux operating system that everyone want to have. because of it is free but because of the stability, light, and the most important is, Ubuntu does not need any extra security software to protect you from viruses or bad hackers. The architecture of itself has made it safe from the […]

Can your defragmenter handles this?

Everytime when you do a lot of write and delete files onto your hard drive, your hard drive will become defragmented. Sometimes it can become too worst even your defragmenter don’t want to defrag it. How about this hard drive? Do you think the defragmenter will be able to defrag it? In my opinion, I […]

How to convert images into ASCII?

If you are looking on how to convert images into ASCII characters, you have came to the right place. I will show you where you can convert any image like this, to become like this, Cool isn’t it? What I know is, the script will first scan the image and then it replaces the pixels […]