Pzizz – The modern way to fall asleep

Every people need to sleep to regain back their energy after doing so lot of works in a day. Some people can fall asleep easily but some of them can’t get into sleep and need to drink warm milk or maybe counting sheep like you saw in one of Mr Bean’s series to get into sleep.

Today, in our technology daily life, you can use a modern way to fall asleep. Just listening to a nice music with some audio combination, you can get a good and quality sleep easily.


Pzizz is a software that will generate a sound based on the module you choose. There are two modules available which is, Energizer and Sleep module. Both of them are audio but their purpose is different. While in the session, you will hear many nice tones like hearing wave at the sea shore, birds chirping, and other musics. It is really enjoyable listening to the audio. Both modules can be extracted out into soundtracks. So you can put the audio files into your MP3 player or handset and listen to the audio when you want to get into sleep or just taking a short nap. I have made my own review about this software. Please read on…

The Energizer module is use if you want to get a good quality short nap. When you listening to this module, you will be brought into a 20 minutes session where you will clear your mind and at the same time you will feel very relax even you just taking 20 minutes nap. This module will energize back your energy so when you woke up, you will feel more energized. Don’t worry if you fall asleep during the session because at the end of the module, there will be alarm beeps and I am sure you will wake up when you heard that sound. It is happend to me so many times.

The second one is Sleep module. This Sleep module is use when you want get into sleep at night or any other time when you want to get sleep. This module is 60 minutes long and I never get a chance to hear the full length because in the middle of the session, I fall asleep already. :d

My review

I have been given a free copy of these two modules to write this review. I have tested both modules for more than one week and the result is really amazing. Here is what I felt during both sessions.

While you are listening to the audio, you will feel more relax, calm and smooth. You will feel every organs in your body is relax and they are likely going into their rest mode. Even sometimes I felt like my heart wants to stop beating but I fight it back so my heart will keep beating all the time. Yeah, that is the dangerous part if every your organ want to get rest. So be careful.

In your mind, you will feel enjoyable. Everything is nice. When you hear the wave sound, you will feel like you are at the beach. When you hear birds chirping, you will feel that you are in a very nice forest with colourful of birds near you. It was really a calm moment. And suddenly, without you ever notice, you will fall to sleep. The next morning when you woke up, you will feel great. That is what I felt when using Pzizz to sleep.

So, if you want to feel the moment, go get the software and buy the modules. And you will know why I really wanted you guys to get Pzizz. It is really useful especially for those who having troubles to get good and quality sleep.


  1. any cracks or serials??

  2. I have the key for both modules but they are for me. 😀

  3. http://pzizz.com/files/samples.zip :thats the download link for sound tracks. huh not free…..!! what if someone like me dosnt have a credit card??

  4. So you need to get a debit card then. ;))

  5. bro, cari la crack. rasanya ada. mari la kita sama sama menggunapakai barang cetak rompak, kalo x pakai nanti x rasa lak duk Malaysia.

  6. Sorry brother. This software I got free from their employee to make this review. :p