Nervous in public speaking is normal

In less than a month, I will present my final year project and do demonstration at in front of many lecturers and students. Of course I will get nervous and so freak out to do the public speaking. Especially when people asking you questions that you can’t answer.

It is normal to get nervous when you do public speaking. Even professional people who have do public speaking so many times also got nervous. The video that I will show to you has nothing to do with politician but just want to show you that nervous is always happen to people. So just face it.

As I said earlier, it has nothing to do with politician. Nervous always happen to people. What you need to do is prepared well and know very deep about what you want to say. Lastly, wish me good luck for my final year project presentation. 🙂


  1. Hey. good luck for your presentation. Be cool. Keep on posting. 😉

  2. A very good and practical advise to share with:Never never take a deep breath before you do your presentation-a few seconds in deep breath, block your energetic oxygen supply to your brain

    Always tell yourself and keep reminding these words ” Relax, I can do it”

    Fauzi, all the best and go for it !

  3. yeah…good luck to you.all the best. 🙂

  4. Don’t worry, I think you will be good!

  5. All the best bro 😀

  6. Thanks for the wish guys… 🙂

  7. bush is funny isn’t it?..