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Pzizz – The modern way to fall asleep

Every people need to sleep to regain back their energy after doing so lot of works in a day. Some people can fall asleep easily but some of them can’t get into sleep and need to drink warm milk or maybe counting sheep like you saw in one of Mr Bean’s series to get into […]

Nervous in public speaking is normal

In less than a month, I will present my final year project and do demonstration at in front of many lecturers and students. Of course I will get nervous and so freak out to do the public speaking. Especially when people asking you questions that you can’t answer. It is normal to get nervous when […]

Free WordPress SEO Tips

Informations should be free! I love freebies and I know many of you are also like something that is free. Especially girls… (Want to say something, girls?) 😀 Well today, I want to talk about free WordPress SEO tips. Every bloggers who want to get huge traffics from search engines must know how to optimize […]

Monthly Highlights – February 2008

I was kinda busy last month and also got Celcom broadband problem. The speed was really sucks which I got below 10kbps at almost of the time. The slowness is still happening even at the time I’m writing this post. But anyway, here are the best posts in February 2008. Lack of posting will decrease […]