“Hack” Huawei E220 – Make it supports up to 7.2Mbps

By default, Huawei E220 can only support up to 3.6Mbps speed. In Malaysia, 3.6Mbps is the top speed that 3.5G broadband users can get. But the truth is, it is just a fantasy. No one will get that speed.

By default, Huawei E220 only can handles 3.6Mbps connection

I even asked Celcom technician to do speedtest at place. Do you want to know how much speed that he got? Only 1.2Mbps. And the test was done in the morning (at low peak time). And when I asked why he only got 1.2Mbps and not 3.6Mbps or even 2Mbps? Here is what he replied,

“This is because our server can’t support so many users. If there are many users use the Internet at one time, the slowness will happen.”

Duh…what a very frustrating answer. Why don’t you guys (Celcom) use our money to upgrade the server? It is better than hearing our complaints every minutes and seconds.

But this “hack” can make it to 7.2Mbps

Ok, back to the article. How you can “hack” your Huawei E220 USB modem to make it supports up to 7.2Mbps speed? By default, Huawei E220 will only can operates at 3.6Mbps. But by doing this “hack” you can make it to operate at 7.2Mbps.

Before we can proceed to “hack” our Huawei E220 usb modem, I must give some advices first. Please don’t do this “hack” if,

  • your device is still under contract or warranty
  • you don’t want to get into troubles if something goes wrong
  • you don’t want to make your Huawei E220 supports 7.2Mbps speed

Disclaimer: I will not responsible on anything you do or happen to your Huawei E220 USB Modem.

Now, to do the “hack” is really simple. First what you need to do is to backup all files in the Huawei E220 USB modem to your computer. I forgot to copy the files and I have lost everything. So my advice, make a backup all the files into your computer hard drive. DON’T do the same mistake like I did.

Now go to Mobile Connected website and download firmware The download link is at the end of the article. Download it and run the update file. Follow the screen and make sure to tick “Forced Download”.

The download process will take awhile and you will see the green light blinking rapidly. Once the “hack” is done, you will see your connection is able to support up to 7.2Mbps like the image I put in this article.

Again, in Malaysia, we are provided with 3.6Mbps only. This 7.2Mbps is only available in UK, US and other first and second world countries. So, even though you do this “hack”, it doesn’t mean you will get faster broadband connection.

Update the Dashboard

But if you want to upgrade the dashboard application (Mobile Connect), you can do so by downloading the update from Huawei download page. Choose the latest version (the latest date it get published). After the download is finished, open the archive and run the file.

Mobile Partner in action

This new version is using Huawei Partner and not Mobile Connect anymore. I don’t know why they choose Mobile Parner. For me, Mobile Connect is much easier to use and give more statistics details. Or maybe they decided to use Mobile Partner because it is faster to locate what services available around you. That is the only improvement I see after the “hack” is done.

But if you found other improvements in this latest firmware, please drop it into the comment form below. So I can check from my end too.

Edit: Here is the screenshot taken while I was downloading files using Internet Download Manager.



  1. Korang ada gak pilihan, tempat aku haram tak dak kabel tau dak, TM dah 15 kali pasang, 15 kali curi, geram , dahlah tak pasang balik lps 15 kali tu, terpaksa cari alternatif lain seperti Celcom Broadband, kat sini hanya ada GPRS , dahla slow, tak berbaloi dgn pakej 98 sebulan,kat ioph dgn pekan Kulim kalau download bleh dpat 300KB la, aku rasa orang Kulim byk tak Broadband Mobile cam ni, bila la Celcom nak pasang HSDPA kat tempat gua haaaa

  2. kat sini sapa kerja kat Celcom, beri la cepat sikit bagi ada HSDPA di seluruh KEDAH, dijamin beribu pelanggan akan lari ke Celcom Broadband

  3. nadeshiko,

    kat tempat aku walaupun dpt signal hsdpa @ wcdma – d/l speed tetap 300k sumthing gak..selalunya lg rendah kekadang x smpi 100k pun even pukul 4 pagi..tak larat nak kompelin kat maxis dah..

    btw skang ni maxis dah scrap sumer eqquipment ericsson ganti ke huawei metro E (info dr member yg keje kat huawei) so hopefully maxis broadband ada improvement la pasni

  4. is this firmware usable for vista ultimate??
    please help me bro..

  5. A newer E220 firmware
    Unlocking for all telco & operators

  6. My broadband speed shows that it is connected to 7.2mbps….but the speed is juz 384kbps…..wad does this mean?????im using celcom broadband…….im using D68 package…..but still im hot happy wit the connection speed……

  7. lol~…ur d68 package limited up to 384kbps only,, u want more?pay more la…take d98 worth rm98/month..who know u will get da 3.6Mbps….^^’.. ur modem show 7.2Mbps means it can reach max to 7.2Mbps but the ISP in our beloved country only support up to 3.6Mbps….wait 4 or 5 year more la…heheh~swt~~

  8. yeah..thought dat u can make the isp provide u wif 7.2mbps speed..lol…btw, nice tuto..have done b4, max speed supported by the usb modem is 7.2..but the connections are statics up to 384kbps..in other way, thers no need to upgrade or “hack” it..unless u wanna travel to other countries that supports higher bandwidth..dat way, u gonna “tune up” the speed according to the isp provided by the countries.

  9. shit apo..nih upgrade firmware je..bkn hack pon..

  10. This isn’t a hack, this is just a firmware upgrade, and the speed you see on the task bar is the transfer rate of the device over the USB driver, nothing to do with the network.

    Network speed is dependand on 3G/Edge/Wcdma Network. and range of cell towers. etc..

  11. hi mcm mana dgn huawei e160e? bleh hack jugak ker?

  12. huawei e160e bleh guna firmware ni x

  13. I unlocked my Huawei E220 USB modem.

    And updated the firmware to

    And again I updated the dashboard software to “HOSTB107D05SP00C03” – this was released @ sep-2008
    (can be found at http://www.huawei.com/mobilewe.....038;id=736)
    The latest version I got is “Mobile Connect”

    So now it is working well…
    My ISP (Airtel – Sri Lanka) provides speed upto 3.6Mbps.
    And I got 2.7 Mbps speed yesterday… 🙂


  14. I got the firmware from here –

  15. hi,
    the system does not recognizes the device???
    is there a trick.
    my connection runs actually on 230kbps..is it possible to run the device to max capacity
    thanks for your help

  16. broadband dude says:

    i just got my broadband 3 weak ago, still i use up the 5gb given. now the speed is almost stupidly slow, it take more 1min to open a new page, can i increase the amout given to 10gb?

  17. bro u gt nythin for p1 wimax modem ar

  18. have just managed to get my e220 vodafone uk modem to use three uk sim card by:
    1 installing the three software (older software) on my laptop then.
    2: replacin vodafone uk sim card with three uk sim card in modem.
    3: using the three client to use vodafone modem with three sim

  19. hans910 says:

    elok le pkai streamyx jer..aku dh try pkai maxis bb mcm sial kt cheras..pastu siap ade limit bandwith lg tiap2 bulan..klau korang nk donlot movie mmg pyah la kcuali pergi tempat lain.

  20. zul~the~pc~expert says:

    The author is useless…
    this is not hacking method, simply an upgrading the firmware.
    Just visit the vodafone web.
    New version is
    Lastly, use VMC rather than VMC Lite.
    And dont forget to set ur network preference to 3g prefered to solve ‘the speed drop to zero’ issue.

  21. Read the title closely…

  22. zul~the~pc~expert says:

    The new version is actually

  23. “sim card does not detected”…how to resolve this problem…?please help me..i use this modem on indonesia….

  24. Kalau Huawei Model E160E boleh tak pakai software i?

  25. Hi, I just updated the firmware on E220, it’s running perfectly 🙂


  26. bro..wa guna streamyx wireless dan wan guna usb modem nak connect ke internet…bolehkah ke wa nak bagi laju lagi internet tu guna cara yang bro tunjuk ni….

  27. Hi friends, i can apply this hack to hawei ec228 model? i living in venezuela the isp is movistar

  28. Hi friends, i can apply this hack to my hawuei ec228 model, my ips is movistar by telefonica, venezuela

  29. Where i can get my firmware Vodafone Z3565-Z??

  30. Any hack for HUAWEI E156G?

  31. mcm mne nk buat torrent laju kalau gune celcom broadband eh??
    slow gile laaaa

  32. free huawei codes.. follow me at http://twitter.com/tipsntweaks

  33. help me..how to speed up my celcom broadband??
    i’m using huawei E1550..slow speed using right now..

  34. Celcom Broadband speeder says:

    free giveaway celcom broadband speed hack


  35. munzir says:

    bro..nk tanya..kalu aku dlm contract leh x guna hack ni…

  36. speeder says:

    bro, ada x hack utk bypass celcom donlod 5GB/month limit?

  37. kalo untuk hack modem ceria ets 2055 yang speed : 230kb
    gmn siapa aja yang bisa kasih atuu

  38. kalo untuk hack modem ceria ets 2055 yang speed : 230kb
    gmn siapa aja yang bisa kasih atuu

  39. facexxx says:

    K3565 Vodafone… Teach me!! I want up my speed!!

  40. can anyone tell me how to make m limited internet to unlimited pacake………
    i use huawei e220……

  41. please help me

  42. Brother,
    minta tolong ler, i pakai maxis broadband model E1762 HSPA USB,
    tp sekarang i dah tamatkan perkhidmatan maxis dan sekarang i pakai celcom no..masaalah nye bila masukkan kat usb broadband dia minta password pulak..tolong bro!!

  43. Brother,
    I pakai maxis broadband usb model Huawei model E1762 dan maxis no i dah tamatkan dan i sekarang pakai celcom nombor,masaalahnyer bila i masukan dalam usb broadband dia minta password pulak..tolong yer

  44. huawei FUCK!!!

  45. Oni_Traveler says:

    Deer peeps,

    Ive been using Huawei modems for some time now, ive been studying abroad in Denmark for like 3 years, saner internet memang laju, so i have tested these modems in Europe and Asia.
    Conclusion is that you will never get a stable connection with these type of modems.
    upgrading your firmware and software to your Huawei modem WILL NOT HELP YOU IN ANYTHING REGARDING SPEED!.

    * P2P will not be stable with these type of modems it will vary on such as location or how many people using the same network (Fair Usage Policy).

    * If used for gaming it is very unstable 50/50% sometimes good and stable others times rase nak campak keluar tingkap rumah.

    * If you do decide to take a package of any service provider with these type of modems let it be the lowest cause they are all the same LIMITED and UNLIMITED = SAME.

    My advice the best of all our shitty internet providers here in Malaysia is still Streamyx, and kalau nak happy get Unify settle…:)

  46. Private Hacker says:

    change u DNS……

  47. i need this

  48. OMG,dont talk big.

    its just firmware upgrade. and huawei always upgrading the firmware and the software.
    until now,the latest mobile partner can do telephony,sms, and video talk!!! (but i am unsure how to configure the latest).

  49. I am lost. How do I increase the my DIGI connection from 3.6MPS to 7.2 MPS. Appreciate someone can provide step by step.