Kissing Love Tester – A love kissing gadget


If you love someone, of course you will kiss him/her right? But how to know whether the kiss you made is pure love kiss? Maybe this kissing gadget can helps you to find it out.

Kissing Love Tester is a small gadget that will play music song if your kiss with your partner is true love. But alert, if your kiss is not reach the love standard (hey, do we have ISO standard for kissing? Lol…), you and your partner will hear a buzzer sound.

Unfortunately, this kissing gadget is out of stock now and will not have any further stock. So I guess you need to check on ebay if you really want to have this gadget.

Kissing Love Tester [via Steve’s Tech Blog]


  1. i’m wondering how this thing work…

  2. Interesting. but yeah, how does it work?

  3. I don’t know either. Maybe because of the warmness when the couple kiss each other.

  4. Walau, luckily it’s out of stock, so dangerous