Linutop – Small Linux Desktop

linutop polol

Linutop is a small Linux computer that is running from a USB key. It is really small which make it silents, energy-efficient operations and with no internal hard drive. Although it is small, it also can browse websites, open pictures, and can also plays musics and videos.

What are the benefits if you use Linutop?

  • Small
  • Light (280g)
  • Use 5W energy
  • Simple
  • Silent
  • and Low support cost

And here are some screenshots taken from Linutop.

linutop screen pictureviewe
Image viewer

linutop screen googlemapsl
Google maps

More screenshots can be found here.


  1. Cool gadget. What distro does it runs on?

  2. Not sure buddy. But looks like one of Ubuntu distro for me. Xubuntu maybe.

  3. Software
    Linutop comes with xubuntu, customized for Linutop, including :
    – Firefox webbrowser
    – Gaim instant messaging
    – Abiword word processor

  4. Hi,

    Do you mind telling me where can I get this box in Malaysia? Would like to get one.

  5. :d

  6. bluEyez says:

    to expensive!
    1 gb 40 eruro?

    with 10 i get a 4gb usb stick

    and the pc is way to much for the performance. sry