When you are above the clouds

Found this picture from flickr. Thanks to James Yeang for Stumbleupon this.

What is that actually? Is it steams that came out from factory towers? But the pic is really nice. Taken from an airplane. Wondering when will I can get into a flight. Hurm…


  1. hey the flight looks like upside down?

  2. It is a really rare view in Malaysia’s sky (above the clouds) because we have a lot of big clouds and our factory not so tall like in the picture. Tall chimney theoritically is used because the smoke will not polute the air underneath the clouds but go into the jet stream. (I learned that in class).The photo is nice indeed.

  3. fake pic? there’s no way factory chimney can be that tall..it looks absurd as that altitude must be at least 40K feets (12KM~) above the ground

  4. #Izzatz – Are you sure dude?

    #elvinado – Maybe that is the nuclear reactor tower. Not sure bro.

    #aMer – I don’t know either. Maybe the pic is fake or maybe it is true.

  5. I couldn’t agree more with aMer, I don’t think even KLCC is that high

  6. bluEyez says:

    or is fake or is ice, i say is fake

  7. dudes .. most properly it’s a nuclear plan