Use GMail to Manage Your Email Accounts


I have some GMail accounts and some other email accounts that I created from my cPanel. To manage and check the email accounts one by one is time consuming. Therefore, I use my primary GMail account to handle all the accounts. So I can read all the emails and send emails from that account only. I even can choose which email account that I want to use when I want to send an email. If you want to know how, here is how to do it.

After you have created an email account from your cPanel, make sure you set to forward all incoming emails to your preferred GMail account. In my case, I use to forward the emails to cypherhackz at gmail dot com. Then, to make sure that the forwarding works correctly, send a test email to the account that you have just created and make sure the email you sent will be forwarded to your GMail.

If it done successfully, now we are going to next step. In your GMail account, go to Settings and click the Accounts tab.

Image 1: Go to GMail Settings

Then, click Add another email address and this will open up a small window for you to enter the name and the email address that you want GMail to manage. Enter the informations needed and click the Next Step button.

Image 2: Fill up the forms to proceed

Once you are here, make sure everything is correct and click the Send Verification button to receive the verification code.

Image 3: Make sure everything is correct

But because we have setup the email account to forward all the emails to our GMail account, the verification email will be sent to your GMail inbox. Look into your GMail inbox and open the email to get the code. You can either copy the code and paste it into the confirmation box or click on the link to confirm it.

Image 4: Enter the confirmation code

If success, you will get this page.

Image 5: Congratulations!

Note: You also can use this tip to manage all your GMail accounts. The steps are the same. But make sure to set the GMail account to forward all incoming emails to your preferred GMail account.