How to change drive letter?

I am very a systematic person (I guess I am). If something is not in order, I will rearrange it. This also apply to my drives letter in My Computer. Sometimes my Windows XP will change my USB drive letter and not in alphabetically order. Sometimes the Mobile Connect drive letter is J: and sometimes it is K:. Depending on which device it detects first.


I prefer for the Mobile Connect drive letter to stick with J: so if I insert a thumb drive, Windows will set the drive letter accordingly. J:, K:, L: and so on. But if Mobile Connect drive letter is not J:, I will change the drive letter by using Computer Managementtool.

Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management. Now, under Storage, click on Disk Management. It will display all drives and removable storages found on your PC.


Let say I want to change my thumb drive letter which is Cypher256Mb (K) to Cypher256Mb(L). I right click the volume and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths… Then I click on the Change button and choose L: from the dropdown list. And then, click Ok to accept the changes. Now, my thumb drive letter has changed to L:.


It is really easy to change drive letter. But be warned! Don’t ever change the Windows drive letter. I don’t know what will happen but I am sure you will be in lot of trouble if you do so.


  1. thank you for this useful information

  2. No problem buddy. 😀

  3. Awesome info, was looking for this for a while.

  4. THANK YOU! Been wondering how to do this for a while! I have my music on an external harddrive, and sometimes my laptop decides it wants to toy with my emotions by changing the drive directory just so iTunes can’t find my music, causing mayhem for me and my iPod. Score total is now Stu: 2, Laptop: 1569.

  5. Lutakome Mathias says:

    Thanx u saved ma day. All ma files were hidden bt I was able to unhide them in a snap.