Get your Free Software Sticker Book

Although I am new in using open source sofwares especially Ubuntu, but I am proud to be a Ubuntu user and be one of the open source fan. Although you will get Ubuntu stickers that comes with the free Ubuntu CD you’ve requested, but the stickers aren’t enough. We want more stickers. Not only just Ubuntu, but we want other open source project stickers so we can show to our friends who we are.


Free Software Sticker Book includes many collectionz of open source project stickers. You can get the sticker book for free. Download volume you want, print the stickers and paste them on to your PC.

But take note, you must remove any Microsoft stickers from your box before you can use these stickers. Nope, it is not a joke. The instruction given has clearly explained about it.

1. Remove proprietary software sticker from your computer.

2. Print a book page on photographic adhesive paper.

3. Use the scissors to cut out the stickers.

4. Stick the sticker/s on your computer.

See? How easy to show that you are an open source user? In just four steps you can cover your PC case with the stickers. If you are interested, you can download the stickers from the links below.

v1 v2

Get Free Software Stickers for your computer! [via mypapit]