Welcome Ubuntu Newbie Malaysia!

Lets celebrate!!! 😀 I just want to announce that I have finished setup Ubuntu Newbie Malaysia yesterday. Ubuntu Newbie Malaysia is a website or I can say like a blog which focus on Ubuntu (remember, the pronunciation is ooo-boo-too). Everything is written in Malay because I target Malaysian audience.

If you are new in Ubuntu, or want to learn how to use Ubuntu, you can come to my website. Don’t be shy because I am also new in Ubuntu. Everything that I learn or what I do with my Ubuntu will be shared on the website. If you want to subscribe the site feed, you can copy and paste this RSS link or you can subscribe via email.

I had to use www.iamnewbie.net as the domain name because Ubuntu does not allow any website even personal website to have ubuntu or buntu on the domain. If not, I have choose a very catchy domain name that I am sure will attract more visitors. 😀 Anyway, if you decided to open new website that focus on Ubuntu, I suggest you to contact trademarks@ubuntu.com first. Ask them if any of your site materials will violate their trademark or not. I am sure you will not be happy if you get sued by them, right?


  1. promote ubuntu kaw2 bro….sejak dua menjak ni entri asyik entri ubuntu jeerrrr…..heheh nice dude!!!!aku suka sangat

  2. Bagus2…harap-harap lepas nie ramai pengguna Malaysia yg akan tukar Windows ke Ubuntu…

  3. Tahniah Poji!

    Akhirnya dapat juga aku rujuk pasal ubuntu kt blog ko! sekurang-kurang ia lebih fokus.