How to manage many blogs?

One of my friend asked me how do I manage all blogs I have. The answer is simple. Just update when you have time. Lol…

Right now I have 6 blogs and 1 directory. Sometimes I update all the blogs in a day but sometimes I only update the blog when I have ideas on what to write.

As a blogger, you need to have your own ideas. With the ideas, you can craft your words to make it interesting. There are many ways that you can get the ideas. For an example by visiting other peoples blog.

Let say when you found my website and browse through my posts. Then, a post had catched your eyes and it is very interesting. So what you need to do next? Write the same article topic but with your own opinion. Take yout time to write the article. Don’t rush. There is nothing chasing you behind. So sit down, open up your favourite blog editor (I use Blogdesk btw) and write your ideas.

When you done, just click Publish when you are ready. Simple isn’t? That is how I manage all my blogs. Update them when I have time or you can make it like this. Update each blog for each day. It is more easier.


  1. So many blogs ah? Tiring to manage them lor?

  2. Just be cool lor… Update when you have free time.

  3. Or have a target like – "i must post 7 items this week" and be committed to it. and write something useful for others and you will get lots of ideas just thinking of that.

  4. another way to manage blog is get people, pay them to write for you

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