Happy New Year 2008

I hope I am not so late to wish you all Happy New Year. So, what are your resolutions for 2008? I hope you have achived all your resolutions that you made last year. 😀

Well, this year will be my last semester at UTM Skudai. I hope I will graduate as second class upper at least. Could not get the first class because my CGPA is not that good. Hahaha. So lazy to study but very serious in doing websites and blogs.

Anyway, I hope you all will be success in your career, websites, life and everything for this year. For those who will get married this year, I wish you “Selamat Pengantin Baru”. 😉 Don’t forget to invite me ha. :p

Happy New Year, guys…


  1. All the best to you dude!!!


  2. i hope you will get your PR back..

  3. hahaha.. you must study smart this semester k. Or i will tell the lecturer, that ccna leturer that u are updating your blog during his class. lol..  :p

  4. #Ashrufz – Thanks for the wish. 😉

    #Fahmishah – Thanks. And hope you will get back your PR too.

    #dekan – Shh… Don’t tell anyone. 😀

  5. i hope you will get your PR back 😉

  6. I already get my pr back although it is not pr5 but atleast i have got pr for my website. :d

  7. hey!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hye…. how are u? 🙂 😉