Archives for January 2008

“Hack” Huawei E220 – Make it supports up to 7.2Mbps

By default, Huawei E220 can only support up to 3.6Mbps speed. In Malaysia, 3.6Mbps is the top speed that 3.5G broadband users can get. But the truth is, it is just a fantasy. No one will get that speed. By default, Huawei E220 only can handles 3.6Mbps connection I even asked Celcom technician to do […]

Kissing Love Tester – A love kissing gadget

If you love someone, of course you will kiss him/her right? But how to know whether the kiss you made is pure love kiss? Maybe this kissing gadget can helps you to find it out.

WP Plugin: Site Statistics v1.7

I am busy lately and really don’t have time to pay attention to my WordPress plugin development. Recently I received many emails and complaints about the problem with my Site Statistics plugin. The plugin does not count the category correctly. It is because WordPress is using new table structure which is it combines category and […]

CSS Drop Shadow in WordPress

I found this effect at Neo’s blog. I don’t think it is suitable to use on my website so I use it on my personal website instead. You can see the demo at my personal blog or just visit Neo’s blog. To setup this effect is not difficult. It only involves CSS and a shadow […]

Copy files faster with TeraCopy

If you copy a single file which has size about 50Mb, it will take about 1 minute or maybe less to finish copying it. But if you want to copy a folder which has hundreds of files, it might take longer even though the size is similar. But with TeraCopy, it can reduces the time. […]

Linutop – Small Linux Desktop

Linutop is a small Linux computer that is running from a USB key. It is really small which make it silents, energy-efficient operations and with no internal hard drive. Although it is small, it also can browse websites, open pictures, and can also plays musics and videos.

Reveal the hidden passwords behind the asterisks

Edit: Make sure you correct the apostrophe and the quote of the javascript first. It seems like I having problem with the character encoding. Does anyone know how to fix it? The combination of username-password is the popular method to authenticate someone that he or she is the authorized person to use a service or […]

Why Linux is better?

I can say that I am a Linux user although I’m dual booting my PC with Ubuntu and Windows XP. Both are important to me so I don’t want to lose each one of them. Some of you might think why some people choose Linux over Windows. What makes Linux so popular? Maybe this list […]

Fight back Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search 2008 emails using GMail

Today I received more than 40 emails with the title, “Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search 2008” because of the silly mistake made by the crew. It is really disturbing when the email keeps coming again and again. If you marked the email as spam, it will not work because the sender is always different because it […]

Homemade High Powered Laser Hack

Wow! This homemade high powered laser device is really cool. Although to do it is a little bit confusing and might be difficult but I like the end result. This laser can lights a match and pops out a balloon. Watch the video and see how he built the laser using the materials that you […]