.com or .net?

Ok, here is the deal. Which one you will choose for your domain name if you want to buy one? .com or .net?

Personally, I will choose .com if the domain will be used for a commercial or official-like website. For an example, like my Tentang Cinta (or About Love in English translation) website. This website is focus on compiling articles about love, love tips, love poems, love songs, love stories and so on. It is not a personal website. It is more for sharing resources with others.

For .net domain, like Blog Aku (or My Blog in English translation) is more about my personal life. It is not a formal website. So I can say and write whatever I want. For me, .net should be use for blogs or personal website.

Maybe some of you wondering why I am using .net for this website. CypherHackz.Com was available but I bought CypherHackz.Net because I want to use it for my personal website. A website that I want to write about my self. A writing about my journey in real life. I never thought that CypherHackz.Net which was started as a personal website becomes a technology website like what you see today.

Well, it is up to you to choose whether a .com or .net. Some people prefer to use .com because many websites using .com domain. But some people want to be different and choose a .net or maybe they had to choose .net because the .com domain is not available. 😀

Or maybe you can share with us, why did you bought your .com or .net domain? Ofcourse you have a specific reason why you bought that domain right?


  1. First i will go for a .com

  2. Why not try *.LA domain for fun. Since people loves to add [la] after finishing a sentence.

    http://www.aku.la (domain taken)
    http://www.apa.la (domain taken)
    http://www.pak.la (domain taken)

    Damn..  Too late for "aku.la"..

  3. I personally love .net domains 🙂 Have been hogging a bunch of .net domain names since 2000, sometimes just for the fun of it. If you’ve been blogging long enough, I’m sure you’re familiar with the time when people go crazy over hyphenated .net and .org domains =)

    For me, .com should be reserved for sites which are less personal, and more towards the commercial. .Net domains seem more personal, and I like it that way~

    I gave the answer like this in Webmaster Malaysia Forum and one person actually bashed me by listing the top 10 most expensive domain names and practically yelled that .com is the best domain extension. He also rudely said something like ‘Now tell me where the .net domains are. No where, I tell you.’ I was shocked and kind of pissed of. I was only expressing my opinion, didn’t even say which extension is the best. *sigh*


    I’m a bit late, but Happy Birthday Cypherhackz.Net =D

  4. aku pun lebih suka kat .NET tapi, masa aku nak beli amanz.net orang lain dah sebat amanz.com…siot jer.. 😛

  5. #Madhur – Thanks for your comment Madhur. 😉

    #Zairul – But .la is not so cool la. Hu3. How about notsocool.la? :p

    #Adlina – I think I have read your post about that on Webmaster Malaysia. Don't worry. Sometimes people always be like that. The flush off other people opinions for nothing. So, how many .net domain have you bought? Interested to know. He3.

    #aman – Habis tu if .com ada kau amik yang .com ke aman?