Not enough ads? Google gives more ads

Today I found something that is weird on my Google Adsense.


Can you see what the white arrow pointing to? Yes, that is the weird images or characters or arrows or anything that you want to call it. I was too curious and I hover my cursor on one of the arrows and the colour changed. I assumed it might be another new feature that Google put onto my adsense. Then I clicked it.

Dang! The ad sliding up and display another ads. Owh…it actually will give more ads to your visitors. It gives more choices to them which mean it will give more clicks for you. Remember, more clicks will give you more money. Thanks to Google for adding this feature to our Adsense.

Have you found this thing on your Adsense? Is it new feature from Google or you already know about it before I found this thing?


  1. aku pun ada perasan gak, tapi kat iklan blog aku dia tulis SHOW MORE ADS

  2. eh,blog melayu ko pun kuar jgak aman?huhu..pelik2..skang nie byk sgt yg jual ads,ak baru try linkworth..ok la jgak nie..lagi2 blog BI mcm cypherhackz nie..within 24hours,blog sy approved dan ade advertiser nk letak text-link kat blog..mmm..

  3. #aman – Yang Show More Ads tu aku ada tengok jugak kat website aku ni. Tapi sekali dua macam tu je la.

    #awqi_zar – Bagus2. Teruskan usaha. Good luck bro! 😀

  4. kat blog aku x de pun.dia keluar kadang-kadang ke?

  5. Maksud kau ape ye? Ads tu ke? Aku tak tahu la pulak sebab aku tak gune GrabMyAds tu.

  6. I don’t know for you guys but I think that this new Google’s feature drasticly lowered my ctr…I just don’t like it!

  7. I like your website. Simple & easy.