CCleaner – Make your Windows fresh!

When every time you surf websites, many data and information will be stored in your computer such as images, text, history, passwords, etc. All of these data are kept temporarily in your hard drive. When there are more files stored in your PC, your Windows will has more fragmented files and becomes slower. It is really recommended to clean up your Windows once in a week (at least) to make your Windows fresh. To do that, I use CCleaner.

CCleaner has made my weekend duty becomes easier. Just with once click, it will scan my PC and will remove all unwanted files and data from it.


As you can see at the above screenshot, I have free up 1.1Gb space from my hard drive. This CCleaner is really powerful. I no need to delete files from Recycle Bin by myself, clear temporary internet files from Internet Explorer, delete files in Recent Documents, etc. Everything is done by using CCleaner.

You can choose whether you want to analyze your PC or run the cleaner upon you start the application. If you choose Analyze, it will analyze your PC and will display a record before you decided to remove them. But if you want to straight away remove all those files, just click on Run Cleaner. It will scan your PC and will remove unwanted files directly.

Some peoples would prefer to use shareware tools to do this job like using TuneUp Utilities. However if you love free things, CCleaner is the software that you are looking for. Try it and make your Windows feels fresh!


  1. Yeah. I use that. Such a great tool!

  2. CCleaner,, whoah.. i have this one.. it helps me a lot.. but i have only one problem left.. i cant connect to any antivirus sites!,, huhuh. can somebody help me for this one.. don’t tell me to download spybot, malwarebytes cause even that i cant connect with that.. plss.. help me for this. thx. any response is well appreciated..